The Workshop & Design Studio

The Spells Lab

I often create new content, and by often up to several times a day. That being the case, this is where I will begin to post blog updates, and some gallery drawings of the various kinds of projects I will be working on for the Books of the Ways, and whatever else may never see the inside of a published book. The thing is due to the constant generation of content, then this works to be the perfect place to keep updating and moving forwards with projects. 

The Sorcerer's Workshop

In about 2 weeks I will have a fully stocked woodshop for the creation of my own wands, staves, and other ritual tools. All of which will begin to get put up into the marketplace website in the beginning of June. It is my target goal to have it where at least 2 complete projects, from conjure dust, ritual grid, or woodcraft, they are going to be available for sale each week. A full description and creation mechanics on what that force is to represent. There may even be a book of tools and what to make and how eventually. 

The Caravan Project

I have put it in my long term plans, and drawn sketches of what I see in my minds eye with the desire to have a fully built and crafted tiny cottage. My dream is to be able to have a moving supply house, where I can offer my woodworks, powders, oils, and the variety of preserved herbs I grow here. 

While this is still about a 12 month period off from now, I am getting started with the designs. I aim to have something that is a labor of love to craft every bit of this by hand as much as possible. While I may use metal crafts that are outside my capacity to make, this is a dream of mine to be able to create a moving city of Sorcerers and like minded folks. Helping those who need it, sharing magick with those who request it. Building solid communities whose values are on sciences, education, and a connection to the earth in a balanced and sustainable way.