Ways of Sorcery

New Developments & Upcoming Projects


The aim of the work is to become a complete foundation of the variety of skills and mechanical experiences that the sorcerer experiences. With the various traditions not set up to address the very rigid structure of the world, at large and as a result how they transform with the work at hand. The development of this transformation occurs within the individual because of the ways the energy uses the body of the sorcerer as the conduit for manifestations. 

The Way of Perfect Form:

The origination of how to exist within the scope of the all that is. Creating the proper working environment, and all of the connections to the natural world, the body and the celestial operations which work hand in hand on every level of interactions. 

The Way of Perfect Action:

The way to handle the energy flows, and the demands on the body. The various techniques, meditations, transformative rituals to handle the changes in the sorcerer, and the descriptions about what can be expected from the application of various methods, and rituals. External to the individual and the internal transformations. 

The Way of Kings:

The spells which address transformation of the conditions and states in the order of things. Creating the overlay of natural conditions by which all work can manifest seamlessly into the lives of the sorcerer as well as the clients the sorcerer serves. 

The Way of Spirits:

The works that modify the dead, the living, and address the various conditions of gods, spirits, demons, angels, and all things which connect the sorcerer through the natural world allowing for the development of connective energies. Setting up the desires into practical applications of how to cause the various conditions of summons, evocations, invocations, and the purification, extraction, and transformation of those spirits. 

The Way of Worlds:

The Rites and the mechanics of the energies of the conditions of the planes. The natural conditions which can be experienced, how they can be worked with, and by which influences their functions and such can be brought to this plane. With all of the energetics of the natural world, and the interactions of how things comes to manifest. All of the work that allows for us to cross dimensions.

As I bring more of my work into text files and ready it for submission, it is my hope that folks will be able to use these methods for their aims and still be able to adapt it to their own path, incorporate the mechanics of forces and the structure of how to build liminal space. As you join me on our collective journey please reach out if you have any questions of content.