The Vault Nodes

As the works of the way come into form with day moving into day, the need has arisen to give distinction the various phases of the growth and development of these ideas.

As we enter into discussion on being able to travel between planes and states we also must be able to discuss travel and development of the places of power, and community centers that are developed for the use of this form of way. 

The creation of a community, the development of resources that can be shared among our membership functions much in the same way as one would expect a business to operate. As such so to do the endeavors I am striving to create for the development of our greater occult community. 

Node Constructions

A node is the physical land where we can draw energies from, meet for events, and community gatherings. As with any endeavor of mine that takes a lot of time to pull together, it is with the creation of safe places, zones where we are free to create and develop concepts, materials, and grow the various furnishings required for the types of magical endeavors. 


These are physical locations in the country of every state over the next few decades where those folks who would need a place to meet, create materials for commercial developments, and live according to their inner natures to create a small community. 

Each node will have a focus on material goods from honey, to animal husbandry, to growing rare and exotic plants. With any and all potentials that people are willing to work for in order to build a sense of home, and find a place of belonging. 

The Types of Nodes


Country Nodes

  • Creating a space where gardens, and various art projects can be developed. 
  • Herbs, animals, and exotic components can be grown and shared among the various communities. 
  • Homestead type settings for folks who wish to get out of conventional social structures, while encouraging the inclusivity for the members of the occult community who wish to work together. 

While this is developed in a non-denominational community works project, there are requirements for production of materials for commercial sales. Allowing for the development and creation of self-contained marketplaces that help the individuals grow, as well as establish positive community enhancement. 

City Nodes

  • Eventually houses that will be refurbished.
  • Creating networks of housing and employment opportunities that allow folks to turn their crafts, dreams, and hobbies into commercial endeavors. 
  • Various businesses and sources of income these nodes can help those who are a part of the occult community that are willing to contribute back to the greater goals of establishing a community. 

Living in this sort of structure, creates a world where we can safely develop ourselves and our connections to the natural world. These Node structures are places where we can set tangible associations of “home” to the undertakings where we are working, and places to safely explore the various worlds we come into contact with. 

While there are really so many ways that this can come to grow, and come to interact with the various types of community, and types of dreams etc., this foundational idea is where I will begin these projects. Those who are compatible with the memberships, who are willing to grow together and put in the required work to make the various ventures grow. These endeavors are for the creation and sustaining a community where we can be ourselves, pursue our interests, and give back to the community. 

As these ideas become more tangible, they will be done in phases. While the nodes are collected, and then when they are developed into habitable properties, with traveling caravans and marketplaces are all on the to-do list. 

This page will serve as the collection of the various undertakings for the establishments of the nodes, safe houses, community gardens, and social services for those of the Society of the Occult.