Transmutational Sorcery

Working the flow of energy

My work is the study of the relationship between the experiences and the primal energies found in the world. How it relates to the study of the formulation in ritual, spells, and other developments for the application of will in any of its conditons to achieve the desired results. 

Overveiw of the Field

When the study of the yin, yang, yang of yin, and yin of yang interactions have come up. This is not to say that my work is rooted in the asiatic practices for the study of the interactions of these concepts. We approach with more of the attitude of development in understanding how those forces come about. Planetary energies, Elemental Energies, Astrological energies, things of a fixed or fluid state, these are all the ways that transmutational sorcery can be studied. The single moment when one thing becomes another. The study of those changes, the study of that shifft in dimensional manifestation. These are all of the things that my work has developed fixed maths, fixed correspondences, fixed relationships based on how the forces in the works of various rituals, spells, and what ever else may be employed to seek out manifestation. 

Letters of the Vault

This is a blog of sorts that is more to help refine what it is that I mean when I write something, or show something. This is where the blog of notes will be collected. I hope to have this grow into more of a collection of monthly descriptions as the projects find themselves here along their development.