Future of the Vault

Land Node Development

In every state, there are parcels of large plots of land that do not cost lots and lots of money. My goal is to collect a parcel such as this in each one of the continental United States. This process has already begun.

What will come from these parcels is that there is a "place" where folks can meet, and work directly with the natural world. Outside of cities.  What they represent is a place where those of the community can do work, park their tiny house, or set up a yurt while they develop content.

There is a wanderlust I have for my own life, and for the seeking to constant new adventure. Where I can apply magic and my arts. It is through the aquisition of properties where I can do my research, live less expensively, and be able to offer a place for those to come with their tents, tiny houses, caravans, or even build permanent houses. This is where patreon support, and donations will come in most helpful to help build such permanent structure, get septic and water fixtures installed so that these plots are inhabitable, even if temporarily while traveling between.

The reason for this is also to have places in nature that we can collect natural specimens from, and then sell them through the marketplace. As I develop the concepts behind these nodes, and what they have the ability to represent it can be everything from workshops, residences, farms, mines, green houses for all and everything we could possibly require. Where ever it is that we can benefit from the direct flow of nature.

Community of Sorcerers

I am always an idealist, and as anyone who would read the Codex Arcanum Volume 2, knows I have done extensive work in designing my ideal temple/social structure. Well, that hasn't gone away. I am looking for friends, for experts in their classifications of magicks to be a repudible source, a solid contact for those members of our non occult community can interact with, and learn from. While at the same time being guides and teachers to those folks who would take up the means to be the teachers, and guides, and points of contact for folks who are looking to master their crafts. 

What I hope to do, is create a membership that establishes trust in quality, information, and reputations. So that we can be measure to help those who are in need most. My aims are to help those come into their own, as they themselves seek to be that resource. Sharing what I can of my work, to assist them in their work so we can all step forward together. 

While this may be a stock image, it sets the pace for those of us who want a home, but need travel.

Caravan of Sorcery

With the various nodes I will be developing in each state, and as hopefully the membership builds both temporary ritual spaces, and permanent fixtures on the grounds which are owned.

My goal is to provide context for those who would develop and share contents and materials such as wands, herbal products, books, minerals, and all sorts of possible goods and merchandise.

While the nodes are collected by the vault and the community comes together, it would be the caravan that would move from node to node, and host a party on its arrival for other pagans, and members of various faiths. It would be my hope that this final stage of the long term community organization falls within the standards as set by the social restrictions/legal restrictions for being able to "camp" for limited periods. However while we move between various properties, and open up our venue to have our clients, students come to us and meet up, party, and just enjoy eachothers company. For those among us who are endless wanderers and adventurers.

That this becomes a steady movement of our membership around the country and helping the communities where we are wanted. The aim of this is also to give us the monetary suppliments that hosting such traveling venues would allow us to accomplish. While there are all manner of temporary or permanent fixtures that could fit under the establishment of various nodes, its is for the fixed paths of a caravan, places to go and come from, to moves with the seasons or harvest. My hope is to create a constant flow of magicial folks around the country on safe grounds where we can help our tribes, where we can step up and incororate a union with other fairs, or events to be able to have the means and the grounds upon which our work can be built.