Community of Sorcery

It was a pleasure meeting you, and thank you.

To those of you whom I meet in the world, with a little vial of powder. Inside that jar is one of my favorite blends to open the way for possibilities. It is my sincerest hope that should you aquire one, that you don't be shy and hit me here or on facebook. 

If i have given you one of these as thank you, it is because your works have inspired or contributed my own works in such a way that without your skill and craftsmanship added into my path, it would not be what it has become. My sincerest thank you for your help for those in the community, and for the pleasure of our interaction where ever it may have been. 

May your road be ever open to what it is you need to become who it is you are meant to be. 

The best ways to use this are in any condtion which would require a nudge. 

  • Putting it across the threshold of your door, so that when you enter the world the expereinces are unique to you. 

  • Putting a little in your shoes to keep you on your path. 

  • Blow a little to open an oppertunity in a direction of your choice. 

  • Use in inks to write petitions, or spellworks which would allow you to conjure forth the various gates from fixed energies. 

  • Put a little inside a wand or staff that the path you walk opens the way to the forces you need to embody the best of who you can become. 

Use as your Spirits move you. May your roads be every open. Thank you. 

Pillars of the Vault

Community of Sorcery

While not everyone who visits is a sorcerer persay. Nor walks a named path of magic, here they are welcomed and here I hope to develop a place of meeting where we can all grow to become friends. Through the creation of the marketplace, through building nodes where we can have parties, retreats, and eventual living accomodations. These are the foundations of the society of which we are all members. Entering into the development of a community, providing members a safe place to learn and interact with one another. To grow beyond our personal limitations and come together to create a society that helps those who need place, purpose, and safety. 

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What is a Pillar

The structure of who we are, the towers of our idealism, and the foundation of the very firmament on which we establish connections to the world. 

A person who would join the community, someone who established themselves as a teacher, a guide, and a resource for the community as a whole, as this society of sorcerers, magicians, and occultists comes to be our friends, family and clients, 

Roles of the Pillars

As time progresses and the community is developed and roles are more clearly defined, these will become the standards for those who will oversee the nodes in their various departments, to stand in membership as a Pillar, is to be one those who are the who choose to take up the duties, to oversee events, care and maintenance of the nodes, and oversee the assorted projects that those nodes are responsible for producing.