To All my clients

While all products are made, and work done in accordance with traditional time scales, and in ways that results are possibly predictable. As with all things in nature nothing here is guaranteed, all items sold are done so as pieces of art, and curiosity items. Pieces of art made to represent an emotion, a feeling of an adventure that can open up before the daring individual who would purchase a wand and say "I am magic". It is for these individuals I make my art for these products are no substitute for any medical treatment, or psychiatric care. Nothing should be consumed, and no glass container should be opened.

All persons who purchase time, materials, and goods for services to be rendered do so knowing that there is no for sure result. It is understood that I am not responsible for any action taken or not taken by anything that is done.  

All experiences are circumstantial to what you are able to perceive or not, and any relation to events, people, places, or things that you may or may not experience are coincidences only.  

All of the work is considered to be a type of folk tradition to my path of sorcery. The content developed in my work is how I see the expressions of the universe. Any taxidermy, herbs, stones, etc in any reflected use in my photos, print media, and published content are for art purposes only.  As a way for me to have a recording of my studies, and explorations. These are done at risk to myself, and should not be attempted by anyone or anything for any purpose. 

There is no guarantee of effect for the conditions of anything that is described and it is a the readers/users own risk should they attempt to replicate any of the content provided here. 

These are Fine arts Curiosities only for those who collect obscure forms of arcane/occult works dealing with non traditional necromancy, shamanism, witchcraft, hoodoo, sacred geometry, alchemy, and more unique forms of sorcery and spiritualism. All herbal products are sold sealed in glass jars, they are poisonous and you are advised to keep them in their jars as ethnobotanical specimens in the art of herbal sorcery. 


All pdf and digital content copyright belongs to the vault, and the author(s) of that content. No content can be reproduced in print, or in other forms without the express consent of the author and the vault. 

Thank you

- Bryan