Curious Creations from the Vault

New products are coming soon!

Welcome to the future home the Vault Market

Over the coming weeks I plan on uploading content for sale directly through this marketplace. Please bare with me as I continue to grow this little corner of the internet. There is much going on with the Ways project, and getting down to making the blends and formulations that are compatible with all of the text and content for both the grimioires, and the Way projects.

There will be powders that will be used for adding into inks, they will be sent with a pair of vinyl  gloves, This way you avoid allergy when you mix it into the ink.

The candles will be made to order so might take a couple of days to get ready for shipping depending on the cooling time. Candles will be prepared with blends to summon spirit, create boundaries, etc.

The uncommon designs for the arrays will be produced and listed for sale, for everyone that sells, another will be remade for it so there will always be one for easy shipping. They will come  in a document mailer envelope to avoid being folded or rolled up. However when I receive them from the manufacturer they are rolled in tubes, So what I suggest is that you press it flat between heavey books a few days before use, or on the back side of it, take a warm iron to flatten it.

The totems will be made on order, so what you will see are some examples of past work.

The Herbal Section will have clippings of the leaves, and flowers available for dried (takes about 3-4 weeks to let them dry once harvested), or they will be available fresh  and vacuum sealed. They will be sold by  packets, which will be in the freezer as soon as they are packed, then sent by insulated mail. While this process costs are a bit higher it will be fresh material.

Thank you for your interest and time I hope to have the Vault store open shortly. 

Please join us for the marketplace as it grows on facebook and here, as a venue for those who are pillars to provide their goods and services for the community. 

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Conjure Powders & Blends

While all materials are sold for various topics no guarantee is given of effectiveness, nor are any of these a substitute for medical or psychiatric care. They are sold as folk arts and crafts. These are ethnobotanical creations and are sold as specimens and curios only. Do not break the seal.