Who Am I?

Who is Bryan?

Many things are said about what I am, to different folks. I work primarily out of Facebook interactions, and folks who come to my books, or projects at various stages of their journey. I am very happy to have been fortunate enough to do many wonderful things with people who are across many different traditions. As with all things, in the context of the work offered here I look to solve problems that may arise, with the application of the system of sorcery that I have spent almost 20 years developing. 

What is Transmutational Sorcery?!

There is a place when one thing becomes another, when the lightning cracks on the earth, and the earth and fire become one. It is the fulgurite, it is the moldivite; that moment when the meteors impact and create glass. When a thing is changed by the interaction of the world around it. This is the scope of my study, and the best way to apply these changes to the work as a whole.  

Current Projects

There is a never ending slew of developments that I undertake on a daily basis. I am trying to express the way that I have experienced sorcery, and interactions with the celestial/spirit world.

There is of course always :


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