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A Curiosity Gallery for the Sorcerous Arts

The vault is a repository of the collected projects which are stable enough to share with others. Build upon the formulations of alchemical sorcery, made by a wizard, to help those who would become magic themselves. 

Wands & Ritual Tools


What about all the other working tools that are listed here and will be listed in the months/years to come?

All of the work is like a dialog with nature. The wands I have created function in the same way. There are conditions to their use, there are ordeals that their chosen owners have to endure. But once they experience the trial of their truth to test the resolve the wand belongs to them fully. The altar tiles, and the conjuring plates all require something of the person, this is so that when you set down to do the work, you experience what it is your going to be doing. Some reflection of those actions will occur in your life, so that you can also become changed by them so they do not necessarily require the same approach, the conditions will become different. So it  no longer is the same problem.  

What this means for my clients, and customers is that while they purchase the physical vessel from the goods from me. They still have to connect to the object itself. This is where it is a good bit different than most experiences with the other makers of wonderful tools. 

Why does it do that? 

The reason is because the powders, the books, the wands, the boxes, the disks, and whatever else that comes on down the road in the future, the are all a form of creation magic. So while I create the vessel, the spirit of the woods will become formed and molded by the way I shape the woods, or the way they interact with each other. Each one is like a fingerprint. But each one is its own entity. The books choose who buys them, they will find their owners. Same with the wands, and the disks, and the boxes. These goods are masters tools, they plant a seed inside of you just as much as you would use them to alter the world. What this does is creates a bond between you and nature that becomes a strong conduit to your relationship with the forces of the natural worlds. Allowing for the use of these tools to handle the energies that originate off this planet, out in the universe, or in different dimensions and planes of existence. They connect with you, and so to engage with that connect you must give yourself to it, while it gives to you. 

What does it mean a Master's Tools?

When the tools of the arts, most take on a life of their own. These start off alive, at every stage it is about making the spirit of how this wand becomes right for the eventual soul that will connect with it. How this happens varies from person to person, but the thing it focuses on is the development of the individual, for force your connections that make you better. You may not be a master after buying one, you may have to go through some interesting times in your life. Those situations, those environments in which you find yourself, they are what will lead you on your path to finding yourself. While nothing is certain, no guarantee can be made. If one has the will to grasp that power, that energy, that path that they will set upon, then the way will open. Then it will become easier to understand. 

If the designs are made of the same woods, how can it be individual? 

This is because like each piece of wood comes from different trees, different parts in the earth, even if they are from the same continent, or forest, or where ever they are grown the conditions and influences up those pieces will always be different. They will come to form, and I will shape them with best of my ability to do so. That way, each piece is its own work of art. Every piece thats made is its own curiosity, the road it is destined for, the way it will experience the world, with you potentially by its side. Can never be reproduced, duplicated, or considered to be the same as anyone else, because the histories of your lives and its lives when all the different woods were living in their original forms, growing so that their path ended them up here with me, to make a wand for you, to make ritual tools for you, and to offer powders and sacred shapes which express the full range of the variety of the paths of the Ways.

So please my friend, have a look around, if you have questions please ask.  

Creative & Developmental Foundation

The Vault Concept

 The definition of a vault is of an arched structure that forms a ceiling or canopy.   So with the nature of the work of the Way making sorcery, and the transmutatonal sorcery. The exploration and the development past those ceilings or limitations in our own lives is why I have built up the Vault in this manner. This is aimed to be a place where I provide services for hire, as well as materials for helping others develop into unique fields of alchemical sorcery, transmutational thaumaturgy, and some other rather unique kinds of pathwork. 

With the arched vault of our limitations being known, I aim to push and make the best out of the depth of self, the precision magics that is functional and can be incorporated as a way to live magic, not just be influenced by it. 

We all have our limitations, and even taking this into account we should aim to be the best versions of ourselves. That is my goal with this vault, is that this grows to become a place that functions as a resource for the community in as many ways as possible. 

Research & Development

For those who know me personally, I am always working on some technique or concept. What this website is, compresses all of that into a coherent form. 

I am always after pushing the envelope for what folks think as possible. So for this, I encourage all who use my work, all who employ me to do work for them, make this the best possible expression of life, as it requires life to perfect.

There is always something I am working on, currently it is the book of the Way of Sorcery, in time it will be fleshing out my long term projects. 

When the other long term projects come into form, and I load more of the websites on the Nodes, and the various marketplaces and community building, it is for pushing what is possible to its absolute farthest points. My work is focused on Way making magicks, grimoires and methods for working with energies that allow us to explore the dimensional structures. While at the same time growing plants, creating art projects, publishing books, and hopefully coming to help others through helping them develop in their own work as well. 

Community & Marketplace

While this is still under construction, I am hoping to build online forum/community meeting places as well as establish places in various cities and states around the country to help folks who wish to learn about magicks, or interact with the best in their regions. Those who would be the leadership where folks can turn to for learning, and services. 

The emphasis is on a decentralized marketplace where it is my hope to build a site much like etsy but for supplies, and services which made for folks who do work, for folks who need various materials, and for folks who want consisitent quality standards. 

While every worker is encouraged to do their best for their community and to serve their people, through this community, I hope to build a network of every flavor and style of magic, shamanism, sorcery, ritualist work, and every other potential where the mysteries can be brought to our people, our communities, and our clients. 

Trust, in our reputations. in our skills to craft the best of our works, and that in all we offer to those whom we serve, we do nothing less then our best. 

Upcoming Projects

Eventual Content Pages

In the overview of the long term projects, I will be adding individual pages for each of the Nodes, Community, and Caravans. While each of these pages are still in formation, content being created for establishing a better version of the big picture, eventually the long term projects Overview will be altered to reflect what will come, as more develops and the Various new phases of the Vault expansion progresses.  

Manuscripts and Publication Updates

I am working on the Way of Perfect Form, and have selected a few test readers to assist in making sure the content flows.

While I continue to push into the designs and contents for the Way of Perfect Action, the Way of Spirits, the  Way of Kings, and Way of Worlds.  Each of which require its own specialized system to be developed. 

So be sure to check back regularly and see what I have been up to in the gallery.  

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The workshop has deliveries scheduled for the later part of the week, and that will be the rest of the work benches, tools, and all of the ingredients that are coming to be able to create more delightful jars and specimens. The frogs will be the most fun. I have the last of the frogs until the new stock comes on friday.

All of the herbs used to create the elemental and planetary blends are getting finalized for the first runs of production.  The wands are done on paper, the budget is being adjusted to get accurate pricing to try and keep these as affordable as they have the ability to be. I am looking forward to finishing off this first round of products and have them ready for shipping. 

The Growth of the Vault

Alrighty probably with the best applications of the work which has been put into building the vault, and the concepts behind my work. I have an office and a warehouse. So in the weeks to come, I will be posting the vault workshop as a page of its own. With the first aim to be the creation of wands, or wooden vessels filled with the various conjure powders, and ritual ingredients.  The blend recipes are copyright protected, and my logo is trademarked.  So as I keep making new blends, and style of wands. There is so much coming that will be absolutely fantastic. 

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